Tero Heikkinen

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I work with painting and drawing, both using pixel graphics and traditional mediums.


I draw for fun, but have also studied drawings as research. I'm generally interested in rapid creation of three-dimensional form and space through free-hand drawing, filling notebooks with exercises and tiny drawings, but also drawings on older computer platforms such as Commodore 64.


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Multipaint is a multi-OS, multi-platform pixeling app.

I have created this software for drawing pictures in constrained computer image formats from the 1980s. These include the Commodore 64, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and the MSX line of computers. Typically these images are only 320x200 or 256x192 pixels in size (about 0.05 megapixels!) with a palette of 8 or 16 colors.

I like to work with these formats as they require different kind of thinking than modern images and traditional mediums. The app works on Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems, and requires Java Runtime Environment.

Over the years, various artists have used the software. Learn more from the link below.


Multipaint site with downloads.


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The article Searching for Catalysts in the Practice of Drawing published in journal RUUKKU Studies in Artistic Research, issue 10, 2019.


The article Drawing Exercises published in journal RUUKKU Studies in Artistic Research, issue 7, 2017.


My doctoral research was concerned with tool creation as a way to reflect on one's own personal thinking about design. The research proceeded through creating design tool artefacts and interpreting them through concepts from literature, alternating between material tools and computer software. (PDF download link inside the page)


Design Credo: The making of design tools as a personal theory building process


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Commodore 64 games

I have made four games for the Commodore 64: Fort Django, Digiloi, Leilei Relay and Lancess Priya.

With these projects I have wanted to explore the creative challenge of making code, graphics and sound for the 6502-based computer from 1982.

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Fort Django at Commodore Scene Database (CSDb). Wild west action exploration.

Digiloi at CSDb. Sci-fi action with PETSCII character graphics.

Leilei Relay at CSDb. A vertically scrolling gravity quest.

Lancess Priya at CSDb. A 3D action shooter in the spirit of Atari's Star Wars.


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